Lack of proper information about the vaccine is leading to misconceptions about cancer

Blog post by Marica Micallef

Our generation is the generation that has seen cancer on the rise for the last fifteen years. Amongst many causes for such a rise, the presence of pesticides in food and the continuous intake of food that has been genetically modified [GMO]. We are affected by what we eat and take into our bodies.

While there should be no doubt that vaccines are necessary, yet there should be no doubt that the blanket use of experimental vaccines can also be harmful in the long run. It is for this reason, that I am questioning in my blogs these Covid-19 vaccines. Governments are coercing their citizens to take them when the big companies producing them do not want to take any responsibilities while admitting that these vaccines and boosters are still in the experimental phase. For this reason, I am a firm believer that Big Pharma has been playing games in order to gain more wealth, for a long time.

So can we then conclude that the Covid-19 vaccines will induce an increase in cancer patients in the future? Only time and honest research will tell. What I can add is that this fear exists. I am producing a post by a person who thinks that Covid-19 vaccine has provoked a head tumour.

[This vaccine we took surely has something in it and I won’t take any more… I was administered the vaccine on the 14th of May and on the 17th of May they found out that I have a tumour in my head when I was always a very healthy person.]

Cancer takes a few months to be noticeable. Most probably, the cancer was already there and was diagnosed just after this person took the vaccine.

Yet, still, the authorities should start informing the public about the negative sides effects of these vaccines and boosters. They need to start telling the public about the potential long term negative effects that the intaking of these vaccines would have on our bodies. People have a right to know if the intake of these vaccines can have on their bodies. Unfortunately, the Health Authorities are more after propaganda than truthful information to the public.

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