Daughter claims that her mother started having serious health issues after taking the vaccine and died shortly afterward

Blog post by Marica Micallef

I witnessed my mum and up till this day, I cannot recover, and I am making an effort to wake up to go to work and continue with my life! After the first vaccine, my mum told me to ask the doctor if she will take the other one because she was already feeling unwell and that she was unaware of what she had as she had never felt like this! I called and the advice was {for her} to take it because the vaccine was not the cause. She took it and became worse. She started feeling something in her stomach. Then she ended up in hospital without any mobility. She came home for two months. It was a whole martyrdom for her and us, day and night. We even hired carers during our working hours so my siblings and I would not lose our income. My mum did not remain the same. She started crying for nothing poor thing, telling us that the way she ended up, was going to affect us all. Her body clock lost its rhythm until she fell into a coma and died. I cannot explain everything here because it would be too long of a story to tell!

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