America is nervous of China’s investment in Maltese Energy and wants to undo or destroy it  under the false pretext  that it was a corrupt deal

A few days ago, I wrote an article questioning what the local MP Jason Azzopardi had written about Yorgen Fenech. Jason Azzopardi affirmed that America has imposed a travel ban on Fenech and his family. I argued that if what Jason Azzopardi wrote is true, it goes to further confirm the hidden agenda existing in our courts of law and the police against Yorgen Fenech. I stressed that both Azzopardi and the police had argued in court that Yorgen Fenech should be denied bail because he could abscond to the United States. Now, this declaration by Azzopardi confirms that the police have given false testimony in court, and any fear that Fenech would escape to the United States never existed since, according to one of the lawyers who endorse this falsehood, Fenech is a persona non grata in the USA.

My article prompted a reaction on Facebook from a person calling herself Theresa Muscat. She wrote a post defending Jason Azzopardi. Theresa Muscat is a fake profile who joined my Facebook group in the past and left to re-enter again recently. She wrote the following in Maltese. 

Professor continue to defend the indefensible. I don’t think that the Americans are garrulous. I think that they have proofs that are concrete and did not issue a travel ban in an arbitrary fashion to please somebody as you are insinuating and doing so to mention a person (i.e. Jason Azzopardi) whom you hate and try to slander“.

This comment brought the reaction of Mr. Anthony Pavia who gave a  well-informed reply. In his post, Pavia exposes what may be the true reason for the intervention of the American State Department in Maltese Politics. America did not appreciate the fact that China invested in our power station. The fact that China has a finger in Maltese energy seems to have annoyed somebody in the American State Department who cannot swallow such a fact. This is the true reason why we have judges and stories in the media alleging that Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed because of Electrogas, even if this is a big fat lie.

This is what Mr. Anthony Pavia wrote in reply to Theresa Muscat’s comment: 

Theresa Muscat You are either a practising liar or a naive, whole-lie swallower of the DCGPN’s clan claims.

The local US employee that was either pressured or BOUGHT OUT to press this case with the State Dept will lead that Dept into another full-blown misery story a la the PILATUS CHAIRMAN’s case.

Moreover, no longer can the USA claim to be the bastion of democratic practice. AFTER ALL, THEY TRIED TO GET THEIR HAND INSIDE THE DCGPN’s PANTIES AND interfere in the political process of a sovereign nation. WHERE THE ENEMIES OF DEMOCRATIC MALTA FAILED TO BRING PROOF, THE USA STEPPED IN TO SUPPORT THEIR ODIOUS LIES!!!

The USA confirmed there is NO PROOF. Their claim lies only in what they choose to term as “credible info” which is nothing BUT SPIN FROM THE SELF INTERESTED CLAN AND ITS MEDIA LAPDOGS. Why didn’t the US Embassy employee DICTATE EXACTLY WHICH IS, AND THE SOURCE OF, THIS “CREDIBLE INFO”?

Or was this payback time for these two having safeguarded Malta’s energy interests introducing CHINA to that sector? Look at what the USA gas industry is trying to do now! It’s is trying to catch up to supply the world with gas and get back control/influence it carelessly lost to China!


The truth is that the deal struck by the Maltese Government with China investing in Malta’s energy sector has annoyed the Americans and they are doing their best, even getting a helping hand from journalists and a section of the Maltese judiciary. In short, China’s investment in Maltese energy has made the USA nervous and the only way for her to save face is by attempting to label this deal as a corrupt deal!

The proof that is the correct analysis was furnished by some of the readers of my blogs. One reader referred to America’s deal with Saudia Arabia. The Americans have never issued any form of bans on the Saudi’s despite the despicable human track record of Saudia Arabia!

The content of this article is correct. Besides these are being instigated from Malta. The USA feels that its interest is being affected. The USA does not poke its nose into any other countries’ affairs unless it has direct American interest. Look at Saudia Arabia. In this case, everything passes. Then, in the case of our tiny rock, America is being irked by our internal affairs and basing its actions on allegations.

Then, there is the case of Julian Assange. This is another case mentioned by another reader as proof of America’s double standards. The post runs as follows:

“It is better for the Americans to tell us why they want to keep Assange arrested. In truth, the Americans arrest those who uncover their corrupt deals. In this case, they don’t shout that these arrests are a threat to press freedom…”

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  1. Add to that the fatf rating.

    Hypocrites and corrupt to the core. Shame on the “land of the free”, as the US of A likes to call itself.

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