Charmaine Gauci confirms that science is not the same throughout the EU: we are somehow different

A Times journalist asked Charmaine Gauci why the Maltese regulations for Covid-19 differ from the EU ones. I will not go into Professor Gauci’s answer. But my question is the following: Isn’t science standard throughout? Therefore why are there differences between our and the EU regulations? There should be no differences between Maltese and European citizens where Covid-19 measures are concerned. We are being told that these measures are science driven. Therefore, why is science in Malta different from the one used in the continent?

The whole crux is that Maltese citizens are going to be subject to a different regime from the European one. At the same time, the Maltese authorities are going to accept certifications issued by other EU countries which are less strict than the ones being proposed locally by the local Health Authorities Gauci for Maltese citizens. It is clear that this government is discriminating and imposing a different type of regime on Maltese citizens.

Here are screen shots taken from the Times of Malta related to a press conference given by Charmaine Gauci a few days ago.

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