Another prison inmate who had filed a report against Alex Dalli has been tested and found heroin and cocaine positive

This site has been informed that another prisoner called Alex Whiteford has been found positive for heroin and cocaine. This happened yesterday 22nd December 202. Whiteford was one of the other prisoners who had filed a police report against Alex Dalli. Whiteford is the second prisoner to have been tested and found positive. He had also made a false declaration against Alex Dalli

This continues to confirm that ever since the Minister for Home Affairs, National Security, and Law Enforcement  Dr. Byron Camilleri removed Alex Dalli, once again, drugs reign in prison.

As I mentioned last Sunday, there was a rebellion in prison by those who had every interest that prison returns to being a den of drugs. Alex Dalli had managed to clean up the mess but as a result of his success, the drug operators/pushers lost fifteen million euro per annum (15,000, 000 Euro)! Now, as a result of Alex Dalli’s dismissal, these individuals have regained their market.

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