The only way out of this conundrum is in the creation of a parallel society

Blog post by Marica Micallef

Many people are waking up to the fact that the vaccine caused them injuries. Others have perished because of it. But still, governments are blindly following orders from the World Health Organization which in turn, is controlled by the Cabal. This deep state will continue either imposing restrictions on the people so that they obey or using subtle threats like the ‘no jab, no job’ liberal mantra to instill fear in them. In both ways, people are being made less grounded and thus more willing to do anything they are told.

The only way out is for the people to stop being afraid and stop having blind faith in their politicians. This is not an issue of disobeying orders. This ‘deal or no deal’ attitude that is being purported by our politicians should come to an end by becoming a ‘no deal’ to the majority of the citizens.

Those who believe in an alternative scenario should continue with their mission to create a parallel society based on love and unity. This will be in opposition to the one of division that governments worldwide are trying to create by setting the vaccinated against the non-vaccinated. This is the only way out. In the meantime, I am pleased that there are more people who are realizing that complying with orders and taking boosters ad aeternum is not the way forward.

The following is a translation of the above comments left on Facebook:

[There are people who turned for the worse with the vaccine. They are grievously injured. One needs to speak with these people to get to know them because the media does not say anything. So, are we going to continue with this? Everybody knows the situation, even the doctors themselves. Why are the authorities being stubborn?

I was truly bad, and I was truly afraid. This will surely be the last. Not a joke!]

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