The double standards of the Caruana Galizia family: important is the compensation it is going to receive from the Government

The double standards of Daphne’s sister are not to be copied. Even though her inaction has shown that with one person she behaves one way and with another she acts differently. For instance, we have Adrian Delia asking for an apology after he described Daphne Caruana Galizia as “a mere blogger” after she had been attacking his family relentlessly and slandered him without any shred of evidence, Daphne’s sister had told the Times of Malta to write “F.. k off”.  Obviously, the Times obliged and did just that. This is what The Times wrote after approaching Daphne’s sister, Corinne Vella, regarding the apology made by the former leader of the Opposition Dr. Adrian Delia.

Now we have Owen Bonnici apologising for having – for months on end – sent Government employees to dismantle the spontaneous memorial positioned opposite the law courts. This time, The Times of Malta did not ask Daphne’s sister or her other siblings why they did not say F.. k off”.

When Bonnici was the Minister of Culture, it was not the first time that he took the decision of clearing up the site. This occurred almost daily or whenever something was placed in Daphne’s memory.  The government was correct in cleaning up the area. The government was acting according to law.

The original memorial, opposite the Law Courts, carries a completely different message. But here I do not wish to discuss this point. Government is happy that the Great Siege monument has become Daphne’s monument therefore everybody has to be happy. Incidentally, Owen Bonnici’s apology has been accepted by all those concerned because Daphne’s family is currently in negotiations with the Government regarding compensation that runs into millions.

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