One of the Prisoners who was found positive for heroin had gone to the police to give a false statement against Alex Dalli.

This site is a position to reveal that one of the prisoners found positive for heroin happens to be one of those mentioned in the media who had gone to the police to testify against Col Alex Dalli. The media had used this point to insist on Col Dalli’s removal. The inmate in question is Anthony Amando Zahra. Zahra was one of the four prisoners whose names were passed on by Peppi Azzopardi to the police as being names to be relied upon to testify against Col Dalli.

Zahra has a very colourful record and still has pending charges for theft. He is one of those found heroin positive in prison after Alex Dalli was no longer managing the corrective facility of Corradino. 

The situation is becoming so serious once again that a person working there has posted a strong message on Facebook. He is declaring that the absence of Alex Dalli is being felt. Adding that while there had been a protest in prison to remove Dalli now the situation is such that nobody will be doing his work anymore. What follows is a translation into English of the original post in Maltese:

As a person who has been in the services for many years, I have felt the repercussions of removing Alex Dalli from managing the prisons. I am well aware because I have lost count of the times I have had to escort [prisoners] work which is now being carried out by Corradino’s correctional officers. In Corradino a rebellion took place. Not one with weapons but with a campaign of lies and fake news led by Peppi (Azzopardi) and Andrew (Azzopardi), Repubblica and Graffiti; a handful of journalists with an agenda. Another inquiry has shed no shadow on Dalli who in the last years began to address long-existing problems. Keep strong Alex Dalli. Those who soaked the codfish will end up eating it. In other words, those who have removed Dalli will have now to suffer and endure the consequences of their action.

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