Heroin is back at Corradino Prison

On Friday, 17th December, in a press conference held by Minister Byron Camilleri, we were informed that Alex Dalli, the former director of prisons had been permanently removed from his post. The question I wish to put to Dr. Byron Camilleri, Minister for the Interior, is the following: Is he willing to confirm that, recently, two inmates have been found heroin positive in Corradino prison?

No doubt, the former director had no desire to return. Good for him.  When you have an administration dead set against you, the worse move is to return. Now we shall see wither goes this new administration. Nevertheless, it would be appreciated if this new administration or the Minister concerned would confirm the latest news. This means that once again, we are back to ways of old, and inmates are enjoying their heroin habit.

What Minister Byron Camilleri failed to say during his press conference is that the reforms he was mentioning, and still wants to introduce in prison, were all proposals and the work of the former director Alex Dalli. Even the infrastructure Camilleri wants to create is Dalli’s project. In fact, the Government had just approved the costs of this project in the last budget.

The difference, however, lies in the fact that these reforms were being implemented in what had become a drug-free prison. Therefore, it is pertinent to ask the Minister to confirm or deny that prisoners are once again being found heroin positive?   

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