The truth about Omicron: it is not deadly and helps in the immunization against the other variants of Covid19

The Daily Mail interviewed the doctor who discovered Omicron. Angelique Coetzee stated that there is an overreaction by Governments when they should be considering Omicron as a blessing in disguise. This is what Coetzee had to say:

“I can reassure you that the symptoms presenting in those with Omicron are very, very mild compared with those we see with the far more dangerous Delta variant.”

In South Africa, Omicron has slowed the death rate of those dying of Covid 19.

Thus, her message to governments is to stay calm: “Take it day by day and do not panic people, because that will only end in chaos”. Governments need to learn to pick their battles well. In over-reacting to Omicron, Governments are in danger of missing out on the benefits of a variant which could be a friend rather than a foe.

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