The vaccinated are coming to terms with the absurdity of wearing marks

Blog post by Marica Micallef

The latest announcement from Dr. Fearne is that as of last Saturday 11th December, everyone, vaccinated and not, should be wearing masks again when outside.[1][2]  Mask-wearing was eased last July, and despite the fact that our local health authorities still boast that the vaccination rate is high, they still reimposed the mask mandate on everyone, even whilst walking alone outside, “in a bid to keep coronavirus under control during the festive season”. But if we have a high rate of vaccination, then how come we are still trying to keep coronavirus under control? We are back to square one. Can I ask if people in the streets and bars of Paceville are wearing masks?

The reasons that Dr. Fearne gave were:

Mask-wearing and booster vaccines are effective to contain COVID-19“.

The minister added:

that the measure would become applicable even when walking alone outdoors, in public spaces, workplaces and businesses” and that everyone should be wearing it even when alone outdoors because “the probability was that they would meet others, and when that occurred, it was wise to be protected. Furthermore, social contact is bound to increase over the festive period.”[3]

So, what has truly changed for the vaccinated, after obeying his orders and promising to get vaccinated so that they can remove the masks and be protected? Nothing!

This new announcement, rightly so, has brought about a lot of anger from the vaccinated, who are now realising that the government is fooling around. Their anger is now being vented on social media:





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