I challenge Mark Camilleri to tell me which clause I have broken in Criminal Law when I wrote that he is in Spain.

Lovin Malta followed up the sequel to a story that I was publishing on my site about Mark Camilleri. In my article, I mentioned that Mark Camilleri is in Spain. Camilleri replied stating that he was not in Spain and asked the Commissioner of Police to investigate me because I had mentioned the locality where he is living. He is also holding the University of Malta accountable for allowing me to reveal where he is living! Suddenly, Mark Camilleri has become a sacred cow.

What is interesting in this case is that this is an individual who boasts that he stands for freedom of expression. But like some pseudo-Marxists who turned liberal, he only favours freedom of expression as long as it suits him.

Mark Camilleri should realize that I have not broken any law. Thus, I challenge him to tell me which article and clause in the Criminal code I have infringed because I mentioned where he is currently living after he had posted a photograph of himself revealing where he is residing. Besides, it is of public interest to know where he is at present since he had and still has to appear before the Court to face the libel case instituted against him by Rosianne Cutajar. Readers are reminded that the Court tried to notify Camilleri re the sitting but he was not to be found.

We also have to bear in mind that Rosianne Cutajar filed a report with the Police against him having felt threatened by what Mark Camilleri wrote about her on Facebook. It follows, therefore, that it is of public interest to learn where Camilleri is living at present. Nonetheless, it is of greater public interest to know what the police is doing or has done so far regarding the report lodged by a deputy of Malta’s Parliament. The Police must inform the public about what steps it has taken or is going to take with regard to Mark Camilleri following the report filed with the Police in his regard.


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