Irish figures show that half of the patients being treated in hospital for Covid19 have been vaccinated

By Marica Micallef

Isn’t truth being given in plain sight? Why have people allowed the politicians to make them believe that human beings have turned into walking vectors of disease? Or is this another tactics from the media and the politicians for the vaccinated to take the booster?

And now that Dr Fearne and the media are admitting that both after the first dose and after both doses, we still have covid cases from vaccinated people! So, is it possible that none of these were hospitalised?

On the other hand, how come Malta, a global leader in Covid-19 vaccination, is more special than other countries? This is because what Dr Fearne has stated is contrary to what was reported by the Irish Times:

About half of all Covid-19 patients in hospital and in intensive care are fully vaccinated against the disease, new figures show. One-sixth of deaths of people with the virus since April have been categorised as breakthrough infections of fully vaccinated patients, according to Health Service Executive data. More than one-quarter of ICU admissions since July were also breakthrough infections of fully vaccinated people. The proportion of vaccinated people requiring treatment in hospital has been increasing over recent months, as the number of vaccinated people in the wider population has risen.

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