Malta’s Chamber of Commerce is keeping its distance from the Nationalist Party and Matthew Caruana Galizia re. the gas pipeline

Referring to the letter sent by Matthew Caruana Galizia wherein he asked that any funds from Europe to finance the gas pipeline between Sicily and Malta should be stopped, the Malta Chamber of Commerce has declared the nobody has the right to endanger funds coming from the EU during the transition period of energy supply to our country.

In the interest of the nation, the Chamber of Commerce stressed that we have to keep an open mind in matters concerning energy supply to our country.

The transition to green energy, to which both our island as well as the EU are committed to introducing, demands European countries the pay attention to how they manage the supply of energy. There is a need to reduce the risk of the sudden increase in energy prices.

Should this not succeed or be stopped, it will have a drastic impact on the competitiveness of European businesses and also risk creating social unrest. The Chamber of Commerce carried on that it is very important that Malta has the pipeline with Sicily up to 2028 when the ten-year gas supply agreement, valid at present, ends.

The Chamber maintains that we cannot risk not having the supply from Sicily reaching us. Decisions, as important as this, cannot be left to a subjective assessment of the Company’s shareholders that is supplying Malta with energy.  The Chamber also emphasized that Malta needs a second interconnector up to 2025. 

The Chamber did not find it difficult to tell Matthew Caruana Galizia not to endanger the livelihood of the Maltese and Gozitans.

Sadly, one cannot but comment that the Chamber of Commerce has done much more than what the Nationalist Party could have done in this delicate transition period regarding energy distribution. It would be much more important to have our country’s party in Opposition focussed on matters of national interest and not leave it up to those, having their own personal agenda, to inflict so much harm to our country. -is-a-dangerous-game-Malta-Chamber-6736238968?fbclid=IwAR0peOar2wajyxNZt_C2GQeuSIHmoPuIaDWWoYjBY00cdnW0IXDbWRrum_8

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