Dr. Fearne admits that the majority of the hospitalized positive cases are from the vaccinated and individuals over 60

Blog post by Marica Micallef

Profs. Gauci has readmitted again that “no vaccine is 100 percent effective”[1]. Then I wonder why should people be coerced to inject their bodies with something that is not giving them full protection. They might as well not take anything.

Times of Malta also admitted that covid vaccine effects wane over time, however, together with the local health authorities, it keeps on reassuring the public that it still prevents death and that fewer vaccinated people require hospitalisation.[2] This statement is so webbed in a contradiction that the contradiction itself makes it null. Since the vaccine wanes over time, then by time vaccinated people are no longer vaccinated and completely protected and thus, they will require hospitalisation.

The local health authorities and the media are putting emphasis on the lack of hospitalisation because “The medical authorities have repeatedly said in recent weeks that the imposition or lifting of COVID-19 measures now depends on the number of hospitalisations, not the number of new cases.” [3]The underlying cognitive programming is for the people to take the booster [since vaccines’ efficiency wane over time] so that the people are protected again and there are less hospitalisations, and thus, no new restrictions are imposed.

This booster propaganda was taken to an upper level by Dr. Fearne. One media[4] reported him stating that no one was hospitalised at hospital with the additional dose [booster]: “Għandna 70,000 ruħ li ħadu d-doża tal-booster ma hemm l-ebda wieħed minnhom li huwa l-isptar. Jiġifieri jidher li l-booster jipproteġi mmens.”

Does this imply that people were hospitalised with the other doses? According to the same article, when it comes to current hospitalisations, Dr Fearne explained that “40% minnhom ma ħadux it-tilqima kontra l-Covid-19 u b’hekk turija oħra dwar l-importanza li kulħadd jieħu l-vaċċin.

And what about the remaining 60%? Is Dr. Fearne then stating that 60% of those hospitalised were vaccinated? Is this a Freudian slip of the tongue? A lapsus?

Talk.mt[5] tells us that Dr. Fearne also announced that the Covid patients in ITU were not vaccinated[6]. While firing the usual statistics, Fearne said that from the total amount of positive cases, 341 were not vaccinated, 5 took the first dose whereas 1,111 were completely vaccinated! Doesn’t the number of positive cases in vaccinated people far outweigh that of the non-vaccinated? According to Newsbook, the percentage of positive cases from vaccinated persons amounts to 75%[7]. This clearly shows that there is something amiss with the statistics being published by the government. At least, from these statistics, one can rightly conclude that the non-vaccinated are more protected!

Television Malta also published a similar article. However, I could not find this article anywhere and I was wondering if it was put down:

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