Certain attacks on Alex Dalli started after he turned down a prison inmate’s request to attend courses at UoM

This site has been informed that one of the reasons why Alex Dalli ended up being attacked by the media was that he refused a request from an inmate, serving a 20-year jail sentence for the death of a young girl who had jumped off Dingli Cliffs, to attend courses at the University of Malta.

As Director of Prison, Alex Dalli could not accept nor allow such a request because it goes against prison regulations. This led to a nasty campaign against him both from the mainstream media as well as the local Church media.

The case goes back to 2019. A drama teacher was sentenced to 20 years in jail after striking a deal with the Advocate General. The teacher was accused of the death of Lisa Marie who was his student. It is the duty of all teachers to protect their students and not push them or urge them to commit suicide. This was described as the killing that took place on Dingli Cliffs.  

This site is informed that Prof. Andrew Azzopardi had insisted with Alex Dalli and had even sent about 20 emails and reminders to Alex Dalli to allow this individual to attend university. He also sent emails to other prison high officials. When Dalli did not cede to pressure, for he did not want to break prison regulations, attacks against him started mercilessly. 

According to prison regulations, an inmate is entitled to attend University or any other centre of education a few years before his sentence is drawing to a close and not immediately after being sentenced to a long prison sentence. Usually, one is allowed to attend university about three years before one’s sentence is due to end. Had Alex Dalli given in, he would have been breaking prison regulations.

I am all for prisoners being allowed to follow courses three years before their prison sentence is due to end. But in this particular case, what should have been requested is for prison regulations to be changed.

Besides, he who campaigns must also be consistent. Incidentally, one of the inspectors who investigated the death of this young girl at Dingli was Keith Arnaud.  I am mentioning him because he prosecuted Yorgen Fenech. Yet, in Yorgen Fenech’s case, activists used a completely different tack. They never protested that a person still to be found guilty should not have been kept in prison for months and months. Instead, the unwritten procedure was not followed in Yorgen Fenech’s case. Yorgen Fenech was denied bail while others, who have been accused of homicide, at some point or another, were all granted bail. Only those accused in connection with Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder are being denied bail.

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