The power to say no

Blog post by Marica Micallef

Have you ever heard of the French chemist, biologist, and physician Pierre Jacques Antoine Beauchamp, who lived between 1816 and 1908? I guess not many of us heard of him or were taught of him in schools. But you did hear and you were taught about Louis Pasteur.

How come we were taught about one and not the other? This is mainly because Beauchamp championed the ancient belief, that of a healthy mind is to be found in a healthy body – “mens sana in corpore sano.”  Beauchamp encouraged eating LIVING food like vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds and said that rest, relaxation, and mediation were keys to keeping the body healthy.

God created a healthy body. God did not create any diseases, albeit many blame Him when something in nature goes amiss. The world we are living in was not the one God intended for us. The world has been in spiritual warfare for 27,000 years.

The Cabal, the wealthy families who truly command the world, have no power because they are not part of the Source, of God. So how did we end up living in such a fast-paced world, of injustices and suffering? Because the Cabal had one advantage over humanity and that was their understanding of the human psyche and energy. There was a period in history when humanity was knocked down into amnesia and a deep delirium that allowed the darker, evil forces to move in and take control. Their awareness of energy was hidden from the people [the Collective], so that they would not remember that they are, in fact, the ones who hold the power. The power has always been inside us as individuals and of the people as a collective. It has never been of the few, which they collect via wealth!

The only reason the matrix is still standing is because it exists within each EGO mind. By inserting fear into our consciousness, belief systems were created and these belief systems shape the way we see reality. We are all a part of the Source, of God. Therefore, we hold the power to create the reality and the world that God created for us.

Humanity was manipulated into creating its own hell and the Cabal’s heaven. 99% of humanity unconsciously serve the Cabal, the darkness, and the illusion on a daily basis and have no idea they are doing it! We have given the power to the Cabal through the power of acquiescence. And we can uncreate this by the power to say no!

If we want to create our own heaven, and break free, we must rise above fear, the unknown, modern slavery, dogma, and anything that we were taught which does not serve our own and the collective’s highest good.

And this is the Shift that the world is currently going through. The question is: are we going to give in and build the world that the Cabal and the governments are leading us to, or shall we rise and build a new reality, a new world?

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