The Police have not yet issued any press release to deny the story published on this site about Alex Dalli.

On Wednesday, this site published a story in which it was stated that the police has ended its investigations on the allegations that had been made against the Director of Prisons, Alex Dalli. I reminded readers that one of the allegations was that Dalli used to place his pistol in the prisoners’ mouths. There were other allegations and one of them was that Dalli used to tie prisoners to a torture chair.

This site reported that from these Police investigations, it transpired that these allegations were false. These allegations had been made by Emanuel Cassar, a former prison employee. Peppi Azzopardi then joined in this spin even urging the inmates to go to the Police.  

After a thorough investigation where the police even spoke to those working at the Correction Facility of Corradino, it resulted that the alleged accusations against Alex Dalli hold no truth.

It is not known why the Police have not yet rendered public their findings and conclusion. But the fact that they have not denied this shows that this site does not publish fake news. The reader should be reminded that Alex Dalli had also instituted a libel case regarding these false accusations made against him by the media and Emanuel Cassar. It should be recalled that after the allegations had been made, some two-dozen persons had gathered in front of the prison with candles.

It is not yet known whether the police is now going to proceed against those who made these false accusations which is a criminal act as well as against whoever urged the prisoners to go to the police and make a false declaration for a crime/s had never taken place.

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