The Omicron variant: part 2

.Blog post by Marica Micallef

We were told that the Omicron variant was reported first in South Africa so much so that countries have responded with travel restrictions with Germany, Italy, Britain and Malta curtailing travel from South Africa[1][2]. WHO has also advised the non-vaccinated not to travel [thus emarginating them even more][3], adding to the list the over-60s and the vulnerable[4]. Isn’t this another blow on the psychological being of all those who had planned to travel and on the tourism industry? Will all this continue to damage the world’s economy?

Television Malta was quick to be more precise and inform us that 33 persons in all were found to have Omicron in all Europe, BUT that they were either symptomless [then how can it be tested?] or had light symptoms[5]. So why all this unnecessary panic and travel bans? Aren’t these the same symptoms of Covid-19 at the start of the pandemic?

And why South Africa? An article on Bloomberg[6] reports that on November 24th, South Africa has “asked Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer Inc. to suspend delivery of Covid-19 vaccines as it now has enough stock” Could this be the reason why WHO, on November 26th, announced that the Omicron variant was discovered in South Africa on November 24th? Are they trying to damage and punish South Africa for refusing more supply of the vaccines?

In addition, how is it that travellers are spreading this new strain, according to the authorities, when travellers have either to be vaccinated and show the green pass or else, they must show a negative swab test? So it cannot be that there is a new strain around! Is this a way for the European Union to mandate compulsory vaccines for everyone, with the excuse of Omicron? Or is this a way to make more money, by asking ALL international travellers, vaccinated or not, to also present a swab test result before travelling, just like the UK has announced?[7] Abroad swab tests are not free of charge, especially when one needs to have a fast result, in order to travel. Isn’t the green pass not valid now?

Does this also mean that the current vaccines do not work or do they? Times of Malta and other foreign media portals[8] have reported that Stephane Bancel, the head of the US vaccine manufacturer Moderna, has told the Financial Times[9] that “Existing Covid-19 jabs will struggle against the Omicron variant, and it will take months to develop a new shot that works”,[10] because although data would have to be collected, scientists are not optimistic! So, what about the boosters that countries already have in stock? What will they serve for? Is Omicron an invention for Big Pharma to have an excuse to make more money while continuing with the world depopulation agenda? What will be the side-effects of people injecting their bodies with all these different types of vaccines?

And economically speaking, how much would it cost nations to buy these vaccines, thus speeding up the Great Economical Reset, with further repercussions that all this will bring about, especially on the people. We are already witnessing this with inflation.

Is this a way to push the people to take the booster, either out of fear or else out of the need to travel? When will people realise the game being played here? But until they turn to God and say “no” to their governments, this will never end.











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