No to the forced vaccination of children over 5 against Covid19 virus

From a reader

Malta Today gave us the news that Health Minister, Chris Fearne, will be offering the jab for all children over five by the end of January 2022. The article in question opened with this sentence.

Can we ask humbly the minister how he dares to suggest that such a vaccine be given to children over five when it has been amply covered in international media, including by professors of virology that there has not been the usual sufficient period to test the consequences of the vaccine as it is normally the case for any vaccine being created and introduced onto the market? And therefore, telling that next Tuesday the first consignment of children’s covid vaccine will be in Malta is a non-starter for the simple reason that covid 19 for children has not been sufficiently tested and this has been admitted by the experts but not by Big Pharma that produces it.

One needs to remember that Covid19 has not been superseded by Omicron. Therefore, why should children, who have their own anti-bodies, which biologically are known to be more resilient to viruses more than adults, be subject to a vaccination which has been superseded by a new variant? Can the Minister of Health tell us how much has been spent from our taxes to procure such a jab and impose it on children?

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