Macron gave a fabulous press conference about Europe’s future

Blog post by Dr. Hermann Farrugia

The Latin words ad Galliam, ad Unionem Europaeam, ad Africam et ad Mundum describe well today’s press conference given by the French President, Emanuel Macron. Macron has just announced his vision for France, the European Union, Africa, and the world. It is an ambitious project structured in a three-tier plan. This plan aims to give a new fresh dynamic to the European Union. It is to be spearheaded when France takes over the Presidency of the European Council on 1st January 2022. The plan will allow recovery and growth, and will give strength and a sense of belonging to all European Union citizens!

One thought on “Macron gave a fabulous press conference about Europe’s future

  1. Are some people too stupid to trust in cheap propaganda with their vote? This childlike narratives will only fuel more the disengagement from the political system. Small wonder how untrusty sentiment is growing when hearing recycled future measures such like the migration issue. Macron wants to save his seat by promising the promise land. He is just like anybody else, in saying so, he will involuntary encourage populism and consequently give the far right space to speak about class, elitism and unearned privileges.

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