Is the Nationalist Party going to condemn Caruana Galizias’ attempt to get the EU to scupper the funds for the gas pipeline between Sicily and Malta?

Is the Nationalist Party going to condemn the behaviour of the Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation in its attempt to make Malta lose European Funds to install the gas pipeline between Malta and Sicily? This is a national issue and the Nationalist Party must take a stand in favour of Malta and not remain stuck to a family hell-bent on harming the country for its personal and pecuniary interests.

One should bear in mind that the Nationalist Party had backed this project. If nothing else, with this pipeline the tanker carrying gas would be removed from Marsaxlokk. I was one of those who had written against the presence of this tanker in the bay of Marsaxlokk. This installation of a gas pipeline would be of great benefit to the power stations of Delimara as well as that of the BWSC which are now being operated using gas.

This site had revealed the ongoing negotiations between Government and the Caruana Galizia family for the latter to receive compensation running into millions. These negotiations were at an advanced stage. When this became public, there was quite a reaction from the people who were against such payment being made by Government. Thus, Matthew Caruana Galizia’s request to the EU has to be read in the light of the reparation that the Caruana Galizias are negotiating. It is obvious that the family has met with a stumbling block somewhere and, therefore, is resorting to this new strategy which is nothing more than a strategy of blackmail.

It has to be borne in mind that no evidence whatsoever has been presented that Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed because of ElectroGas. The computer together with its data has been deliberately destroyed on instructions from the same Caruana Galizia family. Had this computer truly carried the data that reveals that Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed because of ElectroGas the family would not have authorized such destruction of evidence. The magistrate involved in the story of obliteration of this data was even promoted to judge because in this country those who work against the interests of one’s country are given promotions paid for by the taxes of the Maltese People.  

Now this family wants to try to prevent the Marsaxlokk residents from getting rid of that monstrous tanker anchored in the bay. All this is because the family has not yet received the millions in compensation after they failed to explain to the Maltese people why the car was left outside that night. Let us also remember this family’s buddies, who were presiding over the public inquiry which established that Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed because of ElectroGas, never asked Yorgen Fenech to testify and give his version.    

Yet, this family maintains that the ElectroGas project was a corrupt one. If that is so, then Government should take the matter in hand and charge all the directors. However, to date, neither Government nor the Police have done so.

If the Caruana Galizias believe that it is a corrupt contract, they should have instituted a court case in the same manner that Adrian Delia did against Steward Healthcare. After all, Matthew boasts that he has the documents to prove this. Why did he never institute a court case against the ElectroGas Consortium? He has no problems in choosing a lawyer to institute the case.  After all, he has lawyers who are willing to work for free!

It is time that the family ceased playing on people’s emotions in order to achieve its dirty aims. And Matthew Caruana Galizia has to stop taking the Maltese people for a ride. He knows that what I am saying is correct.

The Lord forbid that Malta capitulates, faced with an attack coming from two MEPs, one French and the other Austrian backed by Matthew Caruana Galizia. One also hopes that all Maltese MEPs do not give in to this campaign against Malta and. publicly, come out to declare that they do not agree with Matthew Caruana Galizia on this matter.

One of the two MEPs in question is Claudia Gamon who comes from a liberal formation since she was elected to the European Parliament via the liberal institutions in Austria, the NEOs. In her country, she worked hard again the Catholic Church and Christianity. For our sake, Archbishop Scicluna’s Church used its media to promote the agenda of Matthew Caruana Galizia and his cronies, who only throw barbs at the Catholic Church. I state this to highlight the murky agenda the archbishop used and is still using when he is not even troubled to sell the same Church of Christ for thirty pieces of silver.

The second one is Marie Toussaint who is a French MEP elected with the Greens. Neither MEP forms part of any large party in the European Parliament

If the Nationalist Party wants to be respected by the electorate, it must condemn these two MEPs unconditionally without hesitating. When it will have done so, it will start seeing a degree of progress with the Maltese electorate.

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  1. We now have it. PN is still the puppet with its strings pulled by a handful of bitter folk of the caruana Galizia clan. Pn has joined the fray today Thursday 9th.

    Votes continued to leak in free flow fashion. Once again, thanks dot Daphne and her legacy.

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