Did the PL accept donations from the non-vaccinated during its Christmas Marathon – Ġbir ta’ Fondi?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

It has always been baffling to me as to why a political party turns to the people for donations. For me, it is a selfish act. It is more baffling to me how the party in government, PL did once again this year organise a “Maratona Ġbir ta’ Fondi” on Sunday 5th December, in a period when various local sectors are still recovering from the financial loss experienced due to the lockdowns which the same party decided to impose on its nation.

And I continued to be baffled on reading that PL has called this fundraising marathon a “festa ta’ għaqda” [celebration of unity] in which ALL Maltese and Gozitans were invited to participate. Did the same PL create unity when it itself decided to divide its nation between those who took the Covid19 vaccine and those who did not? Does this mean that even the non-vaccinated, whom the same party has been trying to socially ostracise, were suddenly also welcome to participate in this “festa ta’ għaqda”? So, does the government think that when it comes to tackle the pandemic, it is fine to segregate and emarginate people because of a private medical decision but who are, on the other hand, accepted and welcomed when it comes to donating money?

Another baffling context is the fact that PL welcomed the presence of an audience in its building, where a Christmas village was set up:

Għal dawk li ser jattendu fiżikament fiċ-Ċentru Nazzjonali Laburista, barra  ċ-ċentru ser jinbidel f’villaġġ tal-Milied li żgur ser ikun qed idaħħal lil dawk kollha li jattendu, fl-ispirtu festiv”.[1]

The first question is “Since the government had ordered that only a limited amount of VACCINATED people will be allowed when it comes to seated and standing events, was this same amount be allowed inside the building?” 

The second question is: “Were people asked to present their Covid19 vaccine certificate in order to be allowed entry?” “Were only the vaccinated people allowed in?” “Were they put in bubbles of six?”

I think it is fair enough that the same protocol is applied throughout and respected across the board. I also wonder if the same protocol will be applied when it comes to the election next year, and if the non-vaccinated will be allowed to vote.

How ironical is the statement uttered by the Prime Minister
Robert Abela, in his appeal to the public: “Għalhekk nemmen li n-nies għandhom jgħinu lill-Partit Laburista, biex inkunu nistgħu nibqgħu naħdmu f’din il-ħidma ta’ aktar investiment fin-nies għax fuq kollox il-Partit Laburista m’għandix dubju li huwa dak il-partit li dejjem ġab l-interessi ta’ pajjiżna l-ewwel u qabel kollox, kemm lokalment u aktar u aktar fil-fora nazzjonali.[2]

I cannot see when and how did the party invest in the people, especially during the pandemic. Giving one-time vouchers and a yearly cheque, albeit one must be grateful for any act received, is for me mere mockery but which can blind people enough to think that their party is doing deeds of kindness out of respect towards them. If only these people start seeing the truth and digging deep within the deceit.

I sincerely hope that many people have woken up and refrained from donating while taking the opportunity to make an appeal to those who feel that the government has tricked them, whether they are vaccinated or not but are suffering adverse reactions due to the covid19 vaccine and whether they were affected because of the lockdowns and are now struggling financially and barely making it through the month: this is your time to wear earplugs and a blindfold towards our political parties. This is your time to voice your opinion and make a statement to the government, by refraining from giving donations, voting and putting politicians on thrones.

[1] https://one.com.mt/nhar-il-hadd-gbir-ta-fondi-bdifferenza-brisq-il-pl/

[2] https://one.com.mt/nhar-il-hadd-gbir-ta-fondi-bdifferenza-brisq-il-pl/

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