Why should academics feel pressurized?

This site has been following what is happening at University, in particular the allegation that has been made by a university professor that his work has been plagiarized.

As an academic, I am not going into the merits of this issue. I will leave that the University of Malta to investigate, as in fact, it is doing.

What I can state is that this story was picked up by the mainstream media. Yesterday, it was in The Times. What I found baffling is the conclusion of the article published in The Times.

According to The Times, some members of the Faculty of Wellbeing admitted to having felt being pressurized to sign an email that was sent to the Rector in support of their Dean. I have no objection that lecturers send letters and petitions in support of somebody to the Rector. What I found disturbing here is the fact that academics were being “coerced” to sign such a letter.

What is even more disturbing here is the fact that when I revealed that a petition was circulating in prison in support for the return of Alex Dalli, immediately there were articles in the press stating that the prisoners were being bullied or pressurized to sign such a petition! This argument was also picked up by activists who were lobbying for the removal of Alex Dalli. I can understand that in a prison environment, someone is coerced to sign a petition but I cannot understand how academics can state that they felt pressurized when they are the ones forming our future generations! I fail to understand who leaders in society admit to having succumbed to pressure or bullying tactics!

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