There is only one honourable way out for Bernard Grech: to resign after the next general election

From a reader

It is crystal clear that after the dismal performances of the PN in the surveys, the leader, Bernard Grech, is trying to find a scapegoat to blame for this performance. As we say in Maltese, ‘se jara f’min iwaħħal‘. He is trying to find any excuse to explain these results. What he should be admitting by now is that he ended wearing a shoe that is not his size or as we say in Maltese again: libes żarbun li ma jiġihx.

His behaviour is that of an incompetent and narcissistic politician. He is completely out of his dept. I bet that the same MP’s who ousted Adrian Delia and put him there are now acknowledging how unfit for purpose Bernard Grech is. There is only one respectful solution left for him to resign after the next electoral defeat.

Having a leader of the opposition stating that the 2022 general election in Malta is going to be rigged is neither an innovative nor an unheard-of political exploit. Alfred Sant himself once had spoken about the power of incumbency to justify one of his electoral defeats.

The truth is that Bernard Grech is in a deadlock in his own party. He is being urged to start from now to prepare his supporters for a very disappointing electoral performance. The disappointment is going to be even bigger because he is facing a weak incumbent on the other side of the political fence. Thus, he has already started conditioning the Councillors of his own party so that there will be no bitter surprises and make them forget how he lied to them to get elected as party leader.

The point of vote-buying has been pushed since May 2017 and it is almost an inevitable element that any party in opposition can have any control over the weak electoral law. This is why it is important for the party to have experienced and expert advice on the mechanics of our electoral process. But even in this area, the party is failing abysmally.


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