The beginning of the end of Helena Dalli: a strong-worded article in Famiglia Cristiana

An extremely interesting article in Famiglia Cristiana, the authoritative journal of the Catholic Church in Italy. In this article, the author states that Helena Dalli has boasted to have changed Malta from a conservative fortress to a paradise for LGBTIQ rights. This was done with little or no resistance from the Maltese Catholic Church. And this is true.

When these reforms were undertaken, Malta was and is still being led by Archbishop Charles Scicluna. Perhaps the journalist in question should have asked Scicluna why he did not offer any resistance or expressed his moral disapproval for such positions. I dare to say that Scicluna is behind Helena Dalli in these measures.

One needs to remember that when recently, a local priest described one of the promoters of abortion as Satan’s agent, he was silenced by Scicluna’s Church.

It would be extremely interesting for the media to ask archbishop Scicluna why, in the depth of his heart, he has embraced these reforms with open arms!

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