Valérie Pécresse has been chosen as the candidate of the ‘Les Republicans’ Party for the French Presidential election

Blog post by Hermann Farrugia.

Today, 4th December at 14.00 hrs, the French Right finally came to terms by democratically electing its prime-choice presidential candidate for the coming April ’22 presidential elections. It seems amply clear that incumbent and vastly self-built Centrist Emanuel Macron (LREM>La République En Marche) will prevail in his neo-Napoleonic endeavours, and come what may… out shadowed and surpassed by the healthy initiatives of the Right verging on Far-Right.

The freshly electable Valérie Pécresse, who has been powerfully influential as incumbent President of Île-de-France Region, as well as, having served as Minister for Higher Learning in Nicolas Sarkozy’s government. Valérie Pécresse was the most promising contender of the party, known as ‘Les Republicans’, which is affiliated to EPP as our very own Nationalist Party.

All along, potentially overpowering is the notoriously esteemed Marine LePen’s Rassemblement Nationale and fresh top-intelligent media-elite Republican, Presidential contender Éric Zémour.

Here, in our tiny but historic island, we now urgently require to rethink solid neo-Napoleonic management for sustaining a modern sustainable administratively functional, and efficient republican dynamic, obviously speared on by family life supporting virtues.

And as I had the opportunity to tell Roberta Metsola through a post Facebook, she is by far better moulded and trained than Valérie Pécresse. These were prophetic words that I would like to repropose after today’s selection of Valérie Pécresse to be the Republican Party’s candidate for the coming French presidential elections.

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