Times of Malta puts up a poll asking the public to vote if Covid 19 vaccines should be mandatory or not

Blog post by Marica Micallef

During Covid-19, we have witnessed a mainstream media which never questioned or challenged the narrative. Instead, the same articles were published, and at times, all one must do is google a title of a Covid article of a local news portal, and that same title would be the same repetitive one used by foreign media. It is a pity that the public is still being fed the same information while being deprived of various opposing views and articles.

In addition, I have come to the realisation that the media conversation is strategically designed to spread fear and division through repetitive and hypnotic gaslighting.  This is because the terms that were widely used by the so-called journalists across the board involved opposing terms like “pro-vax” vs “anti-vax”, “conspiracy theorists”, “vaccinated” vs “non-vaccinated”, “thin foil hats” and “tin-foil-hat-wearers” as Lovin Malta journalist Sam Vassallo decided to call all those who believe there is a connection between Covid-19 and the roll-out of 5G[1]. These journalists forget the mirror effect: that how we describe others is truly a perception of ourselves.

All this is a toxic, immature, divisive argument which the media, along with the politicians, is using to dictate the terms of our consciousness and relationships. This is downright damaging labelling which can also induce harassment. The media should know that human beings possess a multi-dimensional nature and that it should be a frontliner in eradicating stereotypes. Human beings do not live in boxes and the media should be thinking out of the box. Instead, it is itself putting humans inside one box, one box that fits all.

It is also important to take notice of the timing in which the news media delivers information. In my opinion, this is not to be regarded as mere coincidence because each article leads to the next in perfect synchronicity. This mirrors a script where the actors know the lines and know what to say ahead.

On 30th November, Times of Malta reports that “Germany’s incoming chancellor Olaf Scholz on Tuesday signalled his backing for mandatory coronavirus jabs” in their article “Germany’s incoming chancellor Scholz backs mandatory vaccination”[2] as “Scholz and other political leaders are discussing tougher curbs to confront record-high infection rates.” This might mean that mandatory jabs will be introduced into law once there is a parliamentary approval”.

On 1st December, the same Times reports that EU President Ursula von der Leyen is thinking of proposing mandatory Covid jabs[3]. The headline which was written above the article on the media’s Facebook page, was “Austria has already said it will make vaccines mandatory. Should other nations follow?”

In my opinion, this is instigation in plain sight, while continuing to create the agenda of “divide and conquer”.

A day later, on the 2nd of December, the same Times creates a poll[4] whereby it asks the public to vote if Covid-19 vaccines should be mandatory.

Where will this lead to?  What will be the consequences? Will leaders dump this on all Europe in 2022, like Austria?

This is another pure example that the media just wants to fuel this strategy of division and fear while feeding the public the same replayed tune.

This leads us to two current primary diametrically opposed perceptions of reality during these times.

On one side of the spectrum, we have a perception that is primarily influenced by media, government, and pharmaceutical propaganda while on the other side, we have individuals who are logical and influenced by lived experiences, observations, and intuition.

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