Lamenting Malta’s poor demographic productivity and socio-economic sustainability

Blog post by Dr Hermann Farrugia, Specialist Endocrinologist & Reproductive Medicine.

How will ‘free’ public education, ‘free’ quality healthcare & contributory state pension schemes remain sustainable when Malta’s workforce and industrial productivity is currently at their lowest ebb? To compound to all this, a socio-economic predicament is looming heavily on our Islands’ horizon, and in order to put the cherry on the National Cake, Maltese women of reproductive age selfishly carry on deferring their natural responsibility of childbearing. Thus, Malta has now one of the worst fertility statistics in the European Union. In 2019, our fertility was already low at 1.14. It is even worse off than the European median.

Incidentally only yesterday morning on RMC/BFM TV Emanuel Macron’s main centrist political supporter and influencer François Bayrou (who incidentally was a former French presidential candidate as leader of the Modem Party/Alliance) lamentingly noted the veritable risk of an exactly similar scenario for France… even though enjoying a much more healthily thriving fertility rate of nearly 2 offspring per French woman within her reproductive age. One may rightly assume that our Maltese fertility rate continued to decrease that in 2021, it is at its all-time lowest.

Hereunder is the link to Bayrou’s comments on the subject:

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