Why were vaccinated Maltese women asked to reschedule their mammogram appointment?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

The local Department of Information has put up a post on its Facebook page advising all those who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 in the last six weeks, are to reschedule their mammogram appointment if they have one.

Can the same department specify the reason/s for this? Why did it give a six-week time frame? How did it come up to this time frame? Do they have any peer-reviewed research that justifies this time frame or not? Considering that both Covid-19 and the vaccines are something new, with the health authorities stating that we do not know much about the virus, I doubt how any peer-reviewed research can justify these six weeks. So, can one conclude that mammograms might still be harmful if done six weeks after one has taken the vaccine?

The local health authorities have never issued any statement about this. 

Does this mean that the medical staff is witnessing and observing similar or varied side-effects in those who underwent a mammogram screening immediately after taking the Covid-19 vaccine? If yes, what kind of side effects?

If not, is there any relation between the x-rays and low dose of radiation that mammography utilises with the Covid-19 vaccine? Does one affect the other?

Or is it that Covid-19 vaccines are affecting women’s breasts, which make it harmful and painful for them to do a mammogram?

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