Lawyer Arthur Azzopardi is once again in the news in connection with Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder

On Sunday, 28th November 2021, Malta Today carried a story regarding Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers asking the Commissioner of Police to investigate Melvin Theuma for perjury. Amongst other points, the lawyers mentioned the fact that recordings of Melvin Theuma contain information about Lawyer Arthur Azzopardi and his role in Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination. In these recordings, he is mentioned as a middleman, one who was passing on the cash for the crime to be committed. Hereunder is what appeared in Malta Today:

Arthur Azzopardi had instituted a libel case against me because I had written an article wherein I quoted what the lawyer of the Brothers Degiorgio had said about a certain Arthur and the role he played in this murder. On that occasion, I had not given his surname simply because it had not been mentioned by lawyer William Cuschieri in court.

When Arthur Azzopardi instituted the libel case against me, Malta Today caroused in discrediting me. Manuel Delia wrote a nasty piece and said that the recording which mentions Arthur Azzopardi should not be relied on. It appears that Yorgen Fenech’s team of lawyers is of a different opinion.

Meanwhile, Arthur Azzopardi has engaged lawyer Joe Zammit Meampel against me, who is the same lawyer used by the Caruana Galizias. It is interesting how this lawyer retained by the family Caruana Galizia ends up defending a lawyer mentioned in these recordings related to Daphne Caruana Galizia’s killing.    

Of interest is that this episode does not end here. This case is already being heard before Magistrate Marsanne Farrugia. What struck me during the sitting was the incredible intimacy and friendship that Arthur Azzopardi has with the police. In his testimony, Azzopardi emphasized that he is a trusted and respected individual with the Malta Police. His body language spoke volumes.   

In the case concerning me, Arthur Azzopardi said that he intends calling Superintendent Arnaud to testify to prove his innocence and that I libelled him. Let’s hope that Superintendent Arnaud turns up with the recordings in which the name and surname of the lawyer are mentioned therein and on which a ban of rendering public his name had been imposed by Magistrate Rachel Montebello. Today we even know that in these recordings there are references to Freemasonry!

Judge Wenzu Mintoff was right when he remarked that in the investigations concerning the case of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder, the police did not act according to procedure!

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