Under Bernard Grech, the disparity between the PL and PN has widened

Today, the Sunday Times published an article informing us that the gap between Labour and the PN is 47,000 votes. This is not the latest news. This gap has been calculated and reported in this blog from the survey results published by both Malta Today and the Torca in the past weeks. Therefore, why is this news?

The news lies in the fact that the Sunday Times carried a survey in August 2021 and found that the difference between both parties was 32,000 votes. Back then, Bernard Grech had dismissed this fact and said that there is a silent majority who preferred not to pronounce itself on the local political situation because they were afraid of reprisals from Government. At the time, if one remembers, Bernard Grech had spoken about a silent majority that, come elections, was ready to vote for his party. 

Today, the Sunday Times came up with its own conclusions. It confirmed that the calculations that were made in this blog were correct. This means – and here is the news – that between August and November 2021, 15,000 out of the 80,000 defined by Bernard Grech as silent (or sleeping voters) have chosen Labour.

In other words, the Times concluded that the gap between both parties shot up from 32,000 to 47,000 votes. This is even bad news for the Times’ journalists who backed and supported the candidacy of Bernard Grech. This is a disclosure that, with their type of reporting, more Maltese voters are choosing to vote Labour!

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