Once again Yorgen Fenech is given bail

Yesterday, 25th November 2021, Magistrate Nadine Lia granted bail to Yorgen Fenech in the criminal case she is presiding regarding importation of arms. The Police charged Yorgen Fenech on the grounds of an email sent using the dark web. The email could been have sent by anybody especially when an individual has hacked Yorgen Fenech’s computer. We know that Yorgen Fenech’s emails were hacked.  

Thus, this is the second bail granted to Yorgen Fenech. The first time was the Police versus Yorgen Fenech on the grounds that he had defrauded his own company!

Now, still pending, is a third request for bail to be heard. This case is linked to the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

It is only Magistrate Rachel Montebello who believed the prosecution theory that Yorgen Fenech could abscond if he is granted bail. She even added another reason why Yorgen Fenech should not be granted bail. She stated that if Fenech is granted bail there could be street demonstrations clearly alluding to the actions and protests of Repubblika.  What has to be said here is that Rachel Montebello’s partner is known to have accepted cases passed on to him by Jason Azzopardi, who is the lawyer appearing for the Caruana Galizia family in this case. Does this not constitute a conflict of interest when Montebello was presiding in such a sensitive case? Furthermore, it is Jason Azzopardi who, in cahoots with the Police, objected that Yorgen Fenech be granted bail.

So the situation now is that we have two professional magistrates who have not believed or accepted either the Police version or that of the Advocate General of the Republic that Yorgen Fenech would abscond were he to be granted bail. But above all, and rightly so, these two magistrates do not believe that justice should be administered according to the protests of the Group Repubblika!  

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