Before Dalli was appointed Director, an ambulance called twice a day to collect prisoners with an overdose.

The son of a prisoner on hunger strike and not taking his insulin wrote a message on Minister Byron Camilleri’s Facebook page. In his message, he tells us that his father has stopped his hunger strike and returned to taking insulin after Mr. Randolph Spiteri managed to persuade him. In his message, he writes:

I do not thank you for ignoring my messages but I do thank the prison and Mr. Spiteri who began to reason with my father to end his hunger strike and even convinced him not to continue harming himself and all those who work in Room M.I., the nurses and doctors. 

This prisoner’s son carried on telling Minister Byron Camilleri that he would never have imagined that he would not reply to his message:

I would have never expected it of you Mr. Byron, you even ignore messages.

He continues that when Col. Dalli was appointed, Kordin prison was teeming with drugs so much so that the ambulance used to enter twice a day to take prisoners to hospital after having taken an overdose. Furthermore, those taking drugs committed crimes deliberately to get caught and sent to prison where they were sure to find drugs! This is what he wrote on the matter

What you should do is to thank the Lord, for it was Mr. Dalli who put an end to drugs in prison because previously the prison was bursting with drugs even worse than on the outside; can you imagine individuals who are happy to go to prison because they find more drugs inside Kordin than they find outside? Can you imagine the ambulance entering twice a day to pick up the prisoners off the floor? And what about their poor families?

The prisoner’s son ended his message to Minister Byron Camilleri as follows: Had they [the prisoners] not had Mr. Dalli and Mr. Randolph Spiteri, the prison’s name would not be Kordin but Drugs.

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