The Speaker of the House, Angelo Farrugia replies to Matthew Caruana Galizia’s arrogance.

Matthew Caruana Galizia wrote to the Speaker of the House asking him to resign. The reason given by Matthew Caruana Galizia was that Angelo Farrugia defended Rosianne Cutajar and because the Speaker had harassed his mother.

The Speaker replied via Professor Ian Refalo, Advocate of the House. Prof Refalo pointed out that whenever one writes to the Speaker one must follow procedure which means that one writes to the Clerk of the House and not directly to the Speaker of the House. As for his second accusation that, when he was in the Police Force he had harassed his mother Daphne Caruana Galizia, Prof. Refalo gently reminds Matthew Caruana Galizia that this allegation had been made by his mother. Dr. Farugia had challenged this claim and instituted a libel case which he had won way back in 2011.

The Speaker of the House shows that he does not fear the Caruana Galizias who are trying to seize our institutions under their control. Now, according to Matthew Caruana Galizia, the Speaker should resign because he acted fairly and correctly in Rosianne Cutajar’s case.

It would be better were Matthew Caruana Galizia to take a look at the gifts his lawyer received from Yorgen Fenech and the Tumas Group if he wishes to start being credible. But in truth, Matthew has no shame.

Hereunder is Professor Ian Refalo’s reply sent on behalf of the Speaker of the House Angelo Farrugia.


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