Governments are putting pressure on their citizens to take the covid vaccine

Blog post by Marica Micallef

The governments are not only putting more pressure on the non-vaccinated to take the vaccine, but they are also urging the vaccinated to take the booster so as to save Christmas:

 “Boris Johnson said vaccines will get the country through the winter and out of the pandemic, while NHS England’s national medical director Professor Stephen Powis said getting a booster will “protect the freedom and Christmas that we have all earned”[1]. It is funny that this is coming from the UK when they were the first to start the vaccine roll-out and the first to relax the measures and return back to normal.

The UKHSA Microbiology request form has four doses of the Covid-19 vaccine enlisted. Does this mean that the UK citizens will be required to take 2 doses and 2 boosters or 4 boosters?

On the other hand, a German health request form shows that the Germans will be requested to take 6. Does this mean 2 doses and 4 boosters or 6 boosters?

Why does it seem that each European country is different? Isn’t each country facing and trying to “exterminate” the same virus or not? Will each country administer the same number of boosters or not? Will each booster be of the same make as the first vaccine that the person took or will the person be given a cocktail mix? Will the people be required to take booster shots [or maybe vaccines] for life? Won’t this make the people slaves to the pharmaceutical industries?[2]



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