Will people be asked to take boosters shots for Life?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

Lately, WHO has become concerned about the rising pace of Covid transmission in Europe, with Europe being again at the epicentre of the virus.[1]  About a year ago, the organization told us to just be patient for a few weeks, so that we flatten the curve. A year later, it seems that this curve has remained as high as in the beginning, with the same WHO still talking of Covid as if it is in its early stages. Doesn’t this show that the vaccines did not end the pandemic, as they promised?

Weren’t we assured that one shot would eradicate Covid-19? How come did all this morph into a never-ending stream of mRNA/DNA shots?

Is this another fearmongering tactic, so that, among many other reasons, the vaccinated take the booster or for the non-vaccinated to go for the vaccine? Or is it a way to keep on bringing The Great Reset about?

Will WHO tell us, in a year’s time, that there is another rising pace of Covid transmission in Europe and thus, we need to keep on taking the boosters? Shouldn’t the vaccines have ended all this?

So how many boosters will the public be asked to take? At first, it was just one dose or two doses because “vaccines work”; then they told us that they do not know for how long will these “vaccines work” and so it is adamant to take the booster and then what? Will they tell us that they do not know for how long will the booster be efficient and thus, another booster is required?

[1] https://www.helsinkitimes.fi/world-int/20298-who-says-rising-pace-of-covid-19-transmission-in-europe-of-grave-concern.html

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