Why aren’t the local medical doctors saying the truth about the boosters?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

Worldwide governments have a bit of a dilemma.  They have to convince the non-vaccinated that the jab is efficient while at the same time they have to convince the vaccinated that this same jab declines in its efficiency so they need to get the boosters.  

In recent articles, some media portals have come up with their explanation as to why some vaccines last a lifetime, while the Covid-19 vaccines are still a mystery and don’t last a lifetime[1][2].

The local medical authorities “have called on people to take the booster vaccine when invited to do so.” The Times of Malta claimed that “93,247 booster doses have been administered so far.”[3] The same media portal has also told the public that people might suffer side-effects caused by the booster, but still, there is nothing to worry about, because, according to the Times of Malta, the virus symptoms far outweigh the booster’s side-effects[4].  These side effects are being observed by local doctors, claiming that they range from fever and aches that last 12 hours and that this means, that the booster is working because the person’s immune system is responding to it.

I cannot understand on what basis can local doctors be so categorical and come out with such statements. There is hardly any research and no one knows what any other current and future side-effects these boosters might procure. What if someone develops an unusual side-effect and they can neither explain nor diagnose it?

And as we are at it, can the same local doctors explain how come we already have some locals who are suffering from other kinds of symptoms after taking the booster, as the following comments show? Doesn’t this make their statement null and void?

And for this last comment which reads as follows:

“Two days ago a 61 year old woman from Pieta died. She lost consciousness forty five minutes after taking the booster and she died fifteen minutes after arriving in hospital.

She was a healthy woman.

Condolences to her family members.

Why didn’t you say anything in the news? Doesn’t it suit the propaganda? You are all hypocrites, you who brainwash the people to take the vaccine…tell us the truth!”

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