The Maltese Pharisees: the case of Arun Jose

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It is a known fact that Arun Jose committed suicide after our courts denied him bail and as a result, he had to remain in prison without any means of sustaining his family. The reason given why he was not granted bail is because he was considered a person of high risk, who could even abscond or contaminate the evidence even if the only person who could accuse him was not asked by the prosecution to appear in court and give her side of the story.

Truth be told, and with all due respect towards this woman and her health challenges, that she was the key witness of the police. From what we gather, this woman was the only witness to the alleged incident involving Arun Jose.

What is not said is that Arun Jose could not afford a good lawyer and so had to use the one assigned to him by the Courts. What is even more worrying is the fact that after his arrest, he was kept in prison for a period of 8 months, that is from March until his fatal and extreme decision this November.

In that same month when Arun took his life, a football coach in his 70’s was accused of groping a 15-year-old girl. This action led this girl to the brink of committing suicide. But unlike Jose, our courts granted bail to the coach who presumably would not abscond!

So we have a similar story but with a different ending. Our courts and the police played a different game. The truth is that Arun Jose is a foreign national who came to Malta to give a decent living to his family. He ended up being accused of “sexual advances” and kept in jail to await his fate. Then, we have a repeat offender in his seventies who was granted bail despite the fact that with his actions he was going to push a 15-year old girl to the brink of suicide.

What is the difference between the two:

a) Arun Jose did not have enough money to contract one of the top firms to defend him.

b) The main witness was not brought to testify and thus he was kept in prison

c) He is not Maltese. He is from India, so who cares since there are so many of them!

d) The Pharisees only woke up after he took his extreme decision.

Then we have the case of the football coach who is a repeat offender.

a) He has enough means and money to contract two very good lawyers to defend him.

b) The main witness/es was/were all brought to testify immediately by the police.

c) Being a repeat offender, albeit 40 to 50 years ago, did not make any difference in his case.

d) For the prosecution, there was no fear of absconding.

e) This time round, nobody called for heads to roll

f) The coach is Maltese.

g) Repubblika and the rest of the Pharisees did not protest or publish articles about his case and the arbitrary way how justice is administered in Malta.

The only reason why the media got interested in the Arun Jose case was because he committed suicide. In truth, they were not interested in his case, but to make use of his story to attack the director of the prisons and to force him to resign. If they were really interested in Arun Jose, they should have spoken out when he was denied bail by our courts and unjustly kept under arrest in prison for such a long period of time.

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