While Archbishop Scicluna questioned Adrian Delia re the Dar tal-Providenza  donation, he accepted 200K regarding a property Gozo without asking questions

A comment that appeared in one of the articles about Archbishop Charles Scicluna is the following:

In his testimony in the Gozo Court, Archbishop Scicluna declared that he is not interested in finding out from where the 200,000 euro came in order to appoint Dr. Patrick Valentino as rector so that the charitable works can be distributed according to the Foundation Delli Navarra. This was a testimony that unfortunately showed how egotistic is Archbishop Charles Scicluna and just how little he cares for his flock. For him, the most important thing is to have pocketed the 200K. He could not care less where they came from. (Take a look at the half-million euro cheque that Dr. Adrian Delia handed to Dar tal-Providenza, in this instance, the Archbishop demanded to know from where the money came). He did not give a f..,k for the repercussions that would hit those people thanks to his decision. And he allowed the rector to mess up the moveable and immoveable property of the Foundation and passed them on to family and friends. This is not dignified of a spiritual leader of Malta’s Catholic flock. A leader has to consider the good of his flock and not think of himself and some four cronies

People have to rise and be heard when seeing so much intrigue coming from those who should know better. This is not good… The daughter of Magistrate Dennis Montebello, Magistrate Rachel Montebello is also a shareholder in her father’s company known as Carravan Co. Ltd who were given part of this land worth millions of euros by Rector Dr. Patrick Valentino who happens to be the partner of the same mentioned magistrate. I ask the Archbishop…  Do you know about all this or not? Your Grace, did you accept that these manipulations take place? Where are the authorities that regulate and ensure that lawyers and magistrates operate correctly? Since when are magistrates and lawyers together in a company? What form of justice is this? Therefore, let us not put the blame on the people who have lost all trust in the Church and institutions.

Shame on you, Your Grace


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