The false narrative of Manuel Delia about the 14 suicides in prison while ignoring that one suicide happened because of the media.

The current narrative is that there have been 14 suicides in prison in the last 3 years. This is totally humbug. Here is what Manuel Delia wrote:

In prison, there have been 14 DEATHS in these three years, and thank the Lord, not all these deaths were suicides. There were six suicides in all in prison. Is this acceptable? Definitely not! Did they die because of the prison conditions? This is not the case. I will give one example.

One of the prisoners who committed suicide was Nazzareno Mifsud. He left a note giving the reason why he was committing suicide. In his note, he specified that he was committing suicide because he had had enough of the way the media was reporting his case. One of the journalists who professes to face up to reality is Manuel Delia. He was one of those who attacked mercilessly Nazzareno Mifsud as per hereunder! Will Manuel Delia assume responsibility for this suicide? Or is going to shove it on to a third party, whoever it may be?

Incidentally, Nazzereno Mifsud was facing charges for being a paedophile. Was not this the same reason why the Indian inmate, Arun Jose, committed suicide? Arun Jose was accused of having raped a woman with dementia who was under his care. He was kept in custody for so many months because the prosecution did not have the guts to bring in the main witness to testify in his case. In the meantime, whispers started going around that he was also a paedophile, an accusation which for Indian culture and a young father with a child is totally anathema.

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