Bernard Grech should have nominated the Immunisation Coordinators for Ġieħ ir-Repubblika award

Blog Post by Dr Hermann Farrugia

It’s indeed a pity how this week, PN’s Covid Action Team failed to seize the opportunity (through the Leader of Opposition’s remarks on OPM’s ‘22 budget estimates) in proposing to Prime Minister Abela that the immunisation coordinators are honoured for their work and awarded the honour of “Ġieħ ir-Repubblika” on Republic Day ’21.

ALL VACCINATION PERSONNEL were called to the field of duty throughout these long past months. Last year Malta honoured Public Health Consultants & this year it’s most obvious that it was the turn of our vaccinators. Of course, Minister Fearne shall himself be honoured through electoral plebiscite come spring time ’22. Instead, in parliament, there was once again the expected usual spate of negativity bordering onto denigratory criticism… even mudslinging!

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