Over 280 prisoners and 330 wardens and professionals signed petitions for Alex Dalli to be reinstated as Director of Prison.

At present two petitions are circulating in prison. One petition is being signed by prisoners and the other by wardens.

Yesterday Manuel Delia posted a blog wherein he accused wardens of forcing the prisoners to sign petitions. He does not even know the facts. Just imagine how versed he is to write about what is truly going on inside the prison. 

At present, there are two ongoing petitions. One is motivated by the inmates and the other by members of staff. According to Manuel Delia, it is the staff who is forcing the prisoners to sign this petition because they fear Alex Dalli.

Always according to Manuel Delia, those signing this petition are doing so because they are afraid that Alex Dalli is going to return to his post. Therefore, Manuel Delia maintains that these wardens and prisoners are signing these petitions so that – should Alex Dalli return – they will be in Alex Dalli’s good books! Delia alleges that this is proof of the sense of fear that prevails in prison since Alex Dalli first entered the prison.

According to this former consultant of Austin Gatt, in prison fear truly exists since the majority of the Maltese inmates have signed the petition. Up to yesterday evening, there were 288 prisoners who signed the petition. With them can be found a number of wardens and professionals who have signed a separate petition. Until yesterday, there were over 330 professionals who had already signed this petition.

Therefore, according to Manuel Delia and those who reason like him, the nurses, doctors, psychologists, etc. are all just as terrorized of Alex Dalli as the prisoners.  

The truth is that throughout the history of Corradino prison, no petition was ever held for a director, who had auto-suspended himself, to be reinstated. Above all, there was never a petition in the history of this prison that was signed by so many individuals! This goes to show how the mud-slinging narrative against Alex Dalli has been orchestrated by Manuel Delia and his journalist-pals. 

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