Is it possible that the AG’s pool of lawyers/prosecutors is repeatedly proving to be so unprepared and inadequate?

Is it possible that those employed in the Office of the AG cannot be bothered to study their case files? Is it possible that they cannot carry out the necessary research required before appearing in court totally unprepared as was the case last Friday 12 Nov 2021 involving John Dalli?

It is risible to have a case like that on Friday 12 Nov 2021 when we had the AGs’ representative informing the presiding magistrate – according to Malta Today – that the Attorney General ‘is still unsure over whether the former PN minister can be formally charged’ and that ‘the AG is waiting on direction from the European Commission.’  Is this a joke in bad taste? Or is it another case of intrigues and manoeuvres which have become run-of-the-mill nowadays?

Frankly, I couldn’t give two hoots whether the minister or rather a former minister is PN or Labour. It is immaterial or should be.  The fact remains that it is clear that those responsible to sort out this case and similar ones have shown us their gross and crass incompetence. There can be no other words to define the dire state of affairs.  

For the AG to run and hide behind the skirts of the EU adds further insult to injury for us Maltese taxpayers whose money keeps these useless beings in cushy jobs. Not even a basic issue as to whether or not the person concerned has a right to immunity or not could be established after all these years.

One can hear the moans and groans of too much workload hindering optimum performance. But that is not an acceptable excuse to get these prosecutors off the hook. If they have too much of a workload then they must speak up before creating such a mess before judges, magistrates, the people, and those being accused.

The patience of most of our judges and magistrates must be sorely trying and possibly tantamount to martyrdom! And this is another aspect I find unacceptable.

It is true that many of the magistrates have come via the office of the AG but not all. But, nonetheless, once they accept their new careers as magistrates and judges, they must show their mettle and not give leeway to police and prosecutors who lead cases in a merry dance and make a mockery of the judiciary.

Finally, if for every trifle the AG’s office has to seek recourse to the EU, this indicates that not only have we definitely lost our sovereignty but also our hard-earned 1964 independence, becoming worse vassals than ever we were throughout Malta’s chequered history.

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