A number of prisoners are on hunger strike

On 13th November 2021, 70 prisoners refused their food because of the vigil outside Corradino prison; the wardens too, are petitioning in favour of Alex Dalli. Now there is also a group of prisoners who are on hunger strike.

On Saturday, while a number of protestors were protesting in front of Corradino prison, this site was informed that 70 prisoners refused their meal in protest and in support of Director Alex Dalli. The prisoners eat only much later after the protestors had abandoned their vigil in front of the prison gates. The story did not end there. On the following day, a group of prisoners decided to go on hunger strike to continue with the protest in support of Alex Dalli.

Furthermore, this site has also been informed that following Alex Dalli suspending himself, the wardens and prison officers started their own petition in order to have Mr. Dalli reinstated as director of this institution.

This site has also been told that one of the prisoners behind one of the ongoing petitions was the subject of an article published in Malta Today wherein it alleged that Alex Dalli had tied this particular prisoner to a torture chair.  

Not only is this story not true but now we have that same prisoner on the front line collecting signatures and petitioning for Alex Dalli to be reinstated as Director. One must not forget that writing about this torture chair was also in the Church’s Newsbook. Can somebody explain how a person who, according to Malta Today was tortured by Alex Dalli, wishes that this same Alex Dalli return to manage the prison?

This story continues to highlight the hidden agenda of a particular media and NGOs to promote their own agendas which are certainly not in the interest of Malta.

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