Beppe Fenech Adami is afraid of calling Yorgen Fenech to testify before PAC for fear that he will reveal all

It is indeed strange how in this country we have institutions declaring Yorgen Fenech corrupt and then these same institutions never call Yorgen Fenech to testify.

This site has been told that the Public Accounts Committee does not intend to send for Yorgen Fenech. On this particular point, both the Nationalists and Labourites are in complete agreement. This Committee is chaired by Beppe Fenech Adami who did send for Yorgen Fenech’s uncle Ray Fenech, but up to now has failed to send for Yorgen Fenech.

We have this Committee that is investigating corruption in ElectroGas. Fine. Everyone says that there is corruption behind the ElectroGas contract and there is Yorgen Fenech behind this contract. Fine. Therefore, why has this Committee failed, so far, to call the alleged central character of all this corruption, Yorgen Fenech, and interrogated him?

Could it be that Beppe Fenech Adami, Chairman of this Committee, is afraid of Yorgen Fenech? Is it possible that Yorgen Fenech can reveal too much and for this reason is not being called to testify?

But if one believes this is an isolated case, one is mistaken. The three judges in their investigation concluded that Daphne Caruana Galizia was assassinated because of ElectroGas. Fine. These three judges who led the investigation did not even send for or question the alleged protagonist behind all this; Yorgen Fenech. They simply concluded that he was behind it all. Then, we discover from the media that the husband of Madame Justice – one of the three judges on this Investigative Board appointed on the insistence of the Council of Europe was in business with Yorgen Fenech!  As if, they would send for Yorgen Fenech! And these judges believe they are lumen de lumine.

We then have the famous Czar of Public Ethics, George Hyzler who investigated the alleged money or brokerage fee that passed between deputy Rosianne Cutajar and Yorgen Fenech. Hyzler concluded that Rosianne Cutajar had broken the code of ethics. Fine. Nevertheless, the fact is that this man drew his conclusions without having even bothered to send for Yorgen Fenech to listen to his side of the story.

In this context, I cannot comprehend how the Ethics Committee for the Maltese Parliament can accept Hyzler’s report considering its serious shortcomings. Not even the Roman Inquisition made such grave mistakes in what concerned procedure, in fact, the first thing the Inquisition would do, would be to interrogate the party involved in person, which in our case here, all concern Yorgen Fenech.

However, Yorgen Fenech is not going to be called to testify because the Nationalist Public Accounts Committee just like the three judges and Czar of Ethics George Hyzler are all afraid.

One may therefore conclude that, if truly there was any corruption in the ElectroGas contract, there exists far more corruption in those institutions or agencies that were set up to prevent such corruption because the manner in which they carry out their investigations is indeed arbitrary.

In truth as Manuel Dimech use to maintain in a number of his articles published in his newspaper Il Bandiera tal-Maltin: justice in this country is run by a clique of individuals having occult and masonic interests. Nothing has changed.

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