First the university, now also MCAST is denying the non-vaccinated entrance to the graduation ceremony

Blog post by Marica Micallef

MCAST has sent an email to all those who are graduating this year, whereby apart from the necessary information, the email also included the statement:

“All attendees must present a valid vaccination certificate and ID card entry”, meaning that only vaccinated graduates and their guests are allowed.

In this way, MCAST is discriminating against non-vaccinated graduates, prohibiting them to attend their graduation ceremony.

When the graduate in question double checked as to whether only the guests are to show the vaccine certificate, the reply was:

 “All entering the hall of age 13 and up are required to present a vaccine certificate”,

which means that even the graduates have to show their vaccination cards. This means that non-vaccinated graduates cannot attend and are thus being denied the graduation ceremony.

Where are the students’ unions? Are they under anesthesia?

Covid-19 has become a truly Nazi state, denying the non-vaccinated in all walks of life, their rights. It is undoubtedly, an unprecedented case of the denial of freedom and human rights in human history.

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