Why is the PN‘s electoral promise of the Morning after pill vastly unstudied and should be scrapped?

Post by Endocrinologist, Dr Hermann Farrugia

Last March, the EUROSTAT published its latest official data showing that Women in Malta have now attained the poorest and most demographically unsustainable birth rate in the EU. Our fertility rate is 1.14 per female of childbearing age.

Whereas our European Mediterranean neighbours, in particular Italy and Spain, have already adopted mitigatory public policy initiatives towards strong family-friendly compensatory incentives while promoting a more acceptable fertility rate, Malta has so far adopted no similar policies.

Paradoxically, BERNIE PN prides around its brave election’22 promise to make available free-of-charge any non-specified type of chemically abortive Morning after Pill (MAP) to any 16-year-old plus. The PN star electoral promise is that this synthetic hormone is dished out on a 24/7 basis from all Department of Health Dispensing outlets and on an ‘over-the-counter’ basis.

To crown up this damning statistic, yesterday in our House of Representatives, ‘equality’ PL lady MP lamented about some sporadic patches of localised difficulty in the ready availability of the said hormone even having generated the audacity in asserting: ‘this is not what we want for our children’.

In fact, sooner or later, if this downward demographic trend is not going to be reversed through political measures, Malta would scarcely have enough children of its own, that is, citizens who could pride themselves as being offspring of direct Maltese descent. This is what the PN should address if it still prides itself on being the true Nationalist Party of Malta.

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