When are the local health authorities going to take heed of the cries of those who are suffering after taking the covid 19 vaccine?

Blog post by Marica Micallef

A woman tells the experience of her partner and another two people after taking the Covid-19 vaccine. They all started suffering from excruciating pain which affected them a lot. Her partner ended up in bed, hardly being able to stand up while the other two ended up in hospital.

The first comment states: “My partner took the second dose on the 26th of May. From that day on, he started suffering from backache and leg pain until the pain aggravated so much that he ended up in bed, without being able to stand up. The pain is huge. Tomorrow it will be three weeks since he ended up in bed. Supposedly we should be enjoying ourselves in a hotel. We ended up coming still but we are still not enjoying ourselves as we should be. And we cannot leave out the pills and doctors we paid. We can say “bye-bye to the salary”.

The second comment states “We know another 40 year old who since taking it, he started suffering from excruciating pain. He went to hospital and he had to undergo a bypass”.

The third comment adds: “And when he was at the emergency department, there was another patient who suffered from the same pain. The wording was the same – that since he took the vaccine.”

And with all these stories being told by those who are true witnesses since they either took the vaccine or else their loved ones did, we still have the roll-out of the boosters and we still have the local health authorities being loyal advocates of the vaccine!

I would love to see our local health authorities representatives on a programme on a local station, answering these poor citizens’ experiences.

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