How does media differentiate in its reporting between male and female politicians for the same gesture?

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The media recently attacked Rosianne Cutajar mercilessly for going before a school and handing out goody bags to children for Halloween. The Commissioner for Children joined in stating she “felt uncomfortable” when asked what she thought of Cutajar’s gesture. Yet nobody seems to have batted an eyelid and cried foul when Silvio Schembri had a similar brainstorm. Only this time, he used his children, accompanying them to distribute the goody bags.

Cutajar and Schembri belong to the same party. Both are in parliament with Schembri being also a minister. Still, two weights and two measures are meted out by the press without any qualms. Is this the result of gender prejudice in politics?

Do we have independent media? Yes siree.  As far as I can tell, we do because all are allowed to behave in this free for all fashion and there is no editor capable of keeping the ship on an even keel. But its journalists do have the cheek to want more protection from the state. One more group that believes itself to be anointed by the gods. It already has carte blanche whenever the media comes up with many an unsubstantiated story for not having carried out any proper investigative work to get to the bottom of a story. It is the man in the street who needs protection from all this type of pseudo-sensational gutter writing.

Even the fact that Cutajar included toothpaste samples in the bags was manipulated both by the media and the toothpaste supplier who cowardly came out in the press to distance his/her nameless company, just in case, he/she is contaminated negatively by Cutajar’s gesture and he/she loses brownie points with whichever party he/she supports. Can one get any pettier? An intelligent supplier or importer would have either kept mum or at best would praise anyone who thinks positively and adds toothpaste to a child’s goody bag to entice the child to use toothpaste and brush its teeth – something children, as a rule, hate doing.

But not even in this case can we keep matters in perspective. We have to go to the extreme. It is time to grow up.

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